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Math class Resources
Which famous mathematician do you admire most?
Which famous mathematician do you admire most?
Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Math Jokes

over 2 years ago

Why is the math book so unhappy?
Because it has so many problems 

Why is 6 afraid of 7?
Because 7 8 9 

Where do math teachers go on vacation?
Times Square

Why didn't the quarter roll down the grass hill with the nickel?
Because it had more cents!

What did zero say to eight?
Nice belt! 

Why did the two fours skip dinner?
Because they already 8! 

What do you get if you take 3 apples and 2 apples then split it into 15 equal parts?
A middle school math problem 

How do you make seven an even number?
Take away the s 

Multiplication Practice
Area Practice
Building Fractions

Did You Know..

over 2 years ago


A pizza with radius "z" and  height "a" has a volume of: 

Pi x Z x Z x A

If you write out Pi to two decimal places backwards it spells "Pie" 

In a room of just 23 people there is a 50% chance that two people will have the same birthday. Click on the link to see the proof!

10! seconds is exactly 6 weeks! 

10 x 9 x 8 x 7 x 6 x 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1 seconds = 6 weeks! 

111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 


Fraction Matcher
Graphing Lines

What will I learn this year?

over 2 years ago

6th Grade Math

ratios, reasoning with ratios, fractions, multiplying and dividing multi-digit numbers, rational numbers, expressions, one variable equations, surface area, volume, statistics, and distributions 

7th Grade Math 

proportional relationships, fractions, order of operations, expressions, equations, area, surface area, volume, probability, and random sampling 

8th Grade Math 

rational numbers, radical and integer exponents, proportional relationships, lines, linear equations, compare functions, congruence, similarity, Pythagorean theorem, volume, and bivariate data


Math Professions with Average Salary

over 2 years ago


An actuary is someone who works with insurance companies or other businesses to help plan for the future. They usually help companies from making bad financial decisions that will end up costing them a lot of money.

Approximate Average Salary- $108,000


 Use problem solving strategies to build or design answers to real world problems! Engineers spend most of their time designing and building things. 

Approximate Average Salary- $95,000


Solve math problems for a living! Mathematicians normally help people or business find unknown mathematical answers. They also spend their time conducting research and analyzing the results. 

Approximate Average Salary- $102,000

Math Teacher 

Teach students about math. Math teachers don't have to spend as much time grading as other teachers but they do spend a lot of time giving students extra help and planning projects. Math teachers work hard but also get a lot of time off! Long live summer vacation!!! 

Approximate Average Salary - $85,000 


Economists spend a lot of time conducting research and then analyzing the data. They also pay close attention to the economy and make predictions based on their observations. Some topics they may study are employment, interest rates, energy cost, inflation, and imports. 

Approximate Average Salary- $95,000


Help people with their money! Accountants spend their time keeping track of financial records and taxes. 

Approximate Average Salary- $66,000


A broker is someone who buys and sells things. They need to be really good at negotiating with people and also need to make logical decisions quickly. A broker will also help other people when they need to sell things (like a house). 

Approximate Average Salary-$72,000


over 2 years ago

How can I Support my child with math at home?

1.       Encourage your child to think and talk positively about math. Avoid making comments such as “I am not good at math.” It is important for your child to build confidence and believe that, even if it is difficult, he/she just hasn’t quite learned it YET.

2.       Play math games with your child in the car. You can quiz them on multiplication facts or give them trivia questions. Make math something fun you do with your child.

3.       Encourage your child to play the games on this website. Let them choose which skill they want to work on. Continual practice will help your child be successful in class and will help build their confidence in math.

4.       Encourage your child to talk with their teacher on a regular basis. Many of the teachers offer extra help and would be willing to sit down with your child if they are struggling. Parents are welcome to send the teachers emails as well.

5.       Ask your child what they are learning about in math. Have them explain the math to you. Work out example problems together. 

¿Cómo puedo apoyar a mi hijo/a con las matemáticas en casa?

1.       Anime a su hijo/a a pensar y hablar acerca de las matemáticas en una manera positiva. Evite hacer comentarios como "No soy bueno/a en las matemáticas." Es importante para su hijo/a desarrollar confianza y entender que, sí es difícil, pero él/la sólo no ha aprendido todo todavía.

2.       Jugar juegos de matemáticas con su hijo/a en el coche. Puede preguntarle las tablas de multiplicación o hacerle preguntas de trivia. Convierta las matemáticas en algo divertido que hacer con su hijo.

3.       Anime a su hijo/a a jugar juegos en sitios de Internet. Déjele escoger la area en que quiera trabajar. La práctica continua ayudará a su hijo/a a tener éxito en la clase y le ayudará a desarrollar su confianza en las matemáticas.

4.       Anime a su hijo a hablar con su maestro/a regularmente. Muchos de los maestros/as ofrecen ayuda adicional y estarían dispuestos a sentarse con su hijo/a si tienen dificultades. Se le recomienda a los padres enviar correos electrónicos a los profesores también.

5.       Pregúntele a su hijo/a lo que están aprendiendo acerca de las matemáticas. Pídale que le explique los cálculos a usted. Resuelvan los problemas de ejemplo juntos.

Why do we need Common Core Standards?

Our classroom focus: Communication, Collaboration, and Critical Thinking, and Creativity!